Meet the Team

Our Dedicated Staff:

Ms Jenny Bennett – Principal

You will find me in Room 1, aka the Quiet Room, or my office


Jonnny Anderson – Deputy Principal

Jonny is usually found in the office. He teaches in Totara, Kahikatea, and Nikau while their teachers are on release. Jonny is looking forward to getting to know the kids and working with all the teachers.

Mrs. Lynda Anderson – Associate Leader, Team Leader Senior PLC


Leader of Digital Technology and generally making the senior school an incredibly exciting place to be a student! You’ll find her in Room 4, Kahikatea, teaching a wonderful class of Year 6 students.


Mrs Nicole Manson

Whanau teacher of Room 3, Totara. A keen project based learner, singer, drama/theatre enthusiast, she is supporting the vision of the senior school with her class of Year 4-5 students.





Ms. Trudi Fersterer

Part time, or ‘half’ the whanau teacher of Rata, a growing classroom of bouncy Year 1-2 students.





Mr. Leath Armstrong

Whanau teacher of Kowhai, Room 7. Teacher in charge of sports/PE and Mathematics, and super teacher of Year 2-3 students.



Ms. Margaret Kwok

Whanau teacher of Pikopiko, Room 8. Margaret joins us with a Steiner and NZ curriculum background, and she’s going to bring TPS alive with enviro-schools in 2017!


Kathrin “Kat” Armstrong

Whanau teacher of Room 5, Rata. Play based learning and exploring are a strong feature in her class of year 1 and 2 children.

Brad Lenko

I am a Canadian who has a strong passion for sport and constantly being active.  I have a desire to help others not only achieve their goals, but to excel and surpass their expectations.  I believe that education is a way that we can better ourselves and make our futures brighter, it is my wish for my students to be lifelong learners.

Supporting Our Students

Corina Ward

Corina manages bus lists, attendance and lateness, accidents and illness, and is our first port of call at the office. She is also the learning support in charge of Rainbow Reading, Toe by Toe and Lexia.



Gina Bradley

Gina is everywhere in our school! She spends her mornings in Kowhai and Pikopiko, and is then utilised by the senior school to support learning programmes.



Hayley Gilbertson
Hayley is our junior learning support, who also helps us out with the student support centre (previously known as Academy) after school on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Mark Shelly

Mark is the systems and infrastructure guy… technology, building us useful systems that make our school run smoothly and keep all students safe and accounted for. Mark oversees almost all office matters, looks after our property needs in liaison with the principal and board, is the staff rep and manages the monthly financials.


Jass Potts

Jass works as our landscaper and groundskeeper Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He isn’t quite into email yet, but is always there to say Hello. Jass does a marvellous job improving our school grounds. If you’d like to jump on board with a project, have a chat with him!

Stuart is our retired groundsperson. He still comes in every week to help out!

Ramona Hasler, Lorraine Hartill, Kerry Swan and Adrienne Ma’a keep our school looking clean and gorgeous!


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